About us

Spoiled Sports was started by two friends who have crossed paths over their entire professional careers. We started our careers in accounting at the same company and eventually moved into Recruiting and Human Resources.

After leaving the firm we lost touch over the years but as life would have it, we both ended up settling down to raise families in Wellesley, MA and were able to reconnect! Between us we have 7 active and athletic children - three wonderful girls for the Zinnys and three adorable boys and one girl in the Williams crew.

The idea for Spoiled Sports came from our passion for playing tennis and golf and our desire to have our kids embrace these sports. Frustrated with the lack of contemporary apparel available, we decided to create a line that would appeal to families like ours. For example, we both love the classic look of "tennis whites" but wanted to add a fun touch that would make the pieces stand out on the courts.

We hope that you enjoy wearing these items as much as we have enjoyed working together to create them. We love hearing from you and look forward to seeing pictures of you and your loved ones enjoying yourselves on courses and courts in your favorite Spoiled Sports gear!